Please turn off your car in each one of the stations. 

The scene is over once the actors turn their back towards the car. 

When this happens, please turn on your car and advance to the next station.

Open the windows of your car so you can hear better.

Things to notice:

Character recognition: The same character is recognized throughout the play by wearing the same piece of clothing although in a slight different shade.  As we discover Caroline, her clothes, appearance, and props evolve with her.

Things to consider:

Please note there are no restrooms available.

Feel free to bring snacks and drinks which you can consume in your car. No garbage cans available.

Cast Per Station

Station 1 –     Caroline:       Sina Hirsch

Station 2 –    Caroline:       Sonshine Williams

                         Ballard:         Bill Thompson

Station 3 –     Caroline:      Mary Campbell

                          Cody:           Tyson Mckinney

Station 4 –     Caroline:      Mellisa Taylor

                          Margaret:    Lorraine Scott

Station 5 -      Caroline:      Jenny Roope

                           Roberts:      Jim Hayes

Station 6 -       Caroline:     Selena A. Naumoff

Stage Manager:                  Stephanie Anderson 

Director:                                Maru Garcia

Cast and Crew

Sina Hirsch

Caroline Station 1

Sina is excited to be in her first performance with the Wheat Ridge Theater Company, and thanks everyone involved for this opportunity. She has been involved in the Front Range theatrical community for over 30 years, and is a huge advocate for youth in the performing arts. Sina would like to thank her family and friends for their unwavering support as she continues to pursue her passion.

Sonshine Williams

Caroline Station 2

Sonshine Williams is an actor and musician from Denver Colorado. This is her first performance with Wheat Ridge Theatre Company. She has been studying and preforming in theatre for over 25 year. She has a degree in music performance from Metropolitan State University of Denver and is thrilled to be returning to performances after the craziness of the past year and a half!

Bill Thompson


Bill Thompson was born and raised in New Mexico, and has lived in Denver since 1988. He has appeared at Red Rocks Community Theatre, 73rd Avenue Theatre, Spark, Spotlight, and Vintage Theatres and Evergreen Players. His favorite role (up to now) was Delbert Snow in Cinderella Waltz. His real job is teaching nursing students.

Mary Campbell

Caroline Station 3

Mary is a pleased as punch not only to be performing again, but to also be making her first appearance with Wheat Ridge Theatre. Mary was last seen in "Three Murderers " at Vintage Theater, and, pre- shutdown,

In "Calendar Girls " with Firehouse Theater. Enjoy the show and thank you for supporting the arts.

Tyson McKinney


Tyson studied acting with Nina Murano in NYC after growing up in Ohio. He performed in a Shakespeare summer stock 15 years ago, but has been away from the craft for some time. He has been running a NGO, gardening with Veterans and does ceramics as well as other mediums.

Mellisa Taylor

Caroline Station 4

Mellisa has taken part in community theater off and on for more than 25 years. She has a deep love for most anything related to the arts, but seems to always find her way back to the stage. Though at present, it's a different kind of stage. She is fortunate to have a great deal of love and support from friends and family, and is grateful to be part of a community that is so supportive of local theater in all its forms.

Lorraine Scott


Lorraine is excited to be performing in “Perfect Mother” with Maru and The Wheatridge Theatre. She has been teaching theatre for over 28 years with the Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is on the Executive Board with The Vintage Theatre and directed “Shirley Valentine” and “Love Letters” before our pandemic. Lorraine is also a founding member of One Night Stand and enjoys directing and performing with this reader’s theatre group. She is looking forward to this journey and working with this new ensemble

Jenny Roope

Caroline Station 5

Jenny is excited to be a part of Perfect Mother with Wheat Ridge Theatre Company. She most recently appeared in a Clover commercial, but makes her theater debut on this stage and has really enjoyed the experience. She finds the challenge of a live show thrilling. Jenny would like to thank the theater family for welcoming her!

Jim Hayes


Jim is excited to join the cast of Perfect, Mother. Jim continues to study acting at the Denver Center for Performing Arts Adult Education Center as well as voice lessons at Pirisen Music. Since retiring from the legal field, Jim has performed in local community theater productions such as Polar Express, Fuente Ovejuna, Murder at the Drive-in, and Magic in the Marsh.

Selena A. Naumoff

Caroline Station 6

Selena has a BA in Theatre and performs / stagemanages all over Denver. She is a founding member of Wheat Ridge Theatre Company, having performed in 10-Pin Alley and The Odd Couple. She has also been seen at Vintage Theatre in The Language Archive and Willy Wonka, as well as theaters including Town Hall Arts Center, Equinox at the Bug, and Neighborhood Music Theatre Company. Selena really misses live theatre and is so excited to be part of this project. She has also missed warm hugs and karaoke.

Stephanie Anderson

Stage Manager

Stephanie is a proud student at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood where she started in the fall semester of 2019. Deciding to major in lighting and minor in jokes of dubious content. During the year of 2020 she helped with many productions via Zoom as the stage manager and won an award called the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Merit Award for Excellence in Stage Management. Her biggest goal is to work on Broadway. She will make it happen, just you wait!

Maru Garcia


Maru has been acting and directing for over 30 years now. She has a Bachelor’s in Art from UNAM in Mexico City, specializing in directing. During her artistic career, she has had the opportunity to lead and manage Grupo Bochinche in Mexico City as well as The 73rd. Avenue Theatre Company in Westminster, CO and The Wheat Ridge Theatre Company in Wheat Ridge, CO. Maru has participated in more than 100 plays as actor and/or director. She has also had the opportunity to act in a few films and some TV.