Wheat Ridge Theatre Company is excited to support artistic exploration and growth in the community by promoting classes. 

Please note that all classes are taught by independent professionals dedicated to diverse aspects of performing arts and education.

Brave Women Transformation Project

Brave Hearts Speak is a women’s group workshop that utilizes drama and dance/movement therapy to help utilize your voice, speak with confidence, and tell the good, the bad, and the ugly stories of your life. I know what you’re thinking...”I don’t have any stories” ‘I’m not interesting enough” ”Why would I want to do that?!?!” I GET IT!

So what would you gain from taking the risk of joining other women in this adventure? You will come as you are to a group that does not focus on product but process. The process of opening your body and mind to the possibility that you in fact DO have something to say and IT MATTERS!

The Brave Women's Transformation Project will be offering transformational workshops for women utilizing theatre performance art to reclaim their power. The following dates and times will be offered in March and April of 2023. For more information please visit

Brave Hearts Speak; A healing workshop for women to practice the embodiment of everyday bravery, community, creativity, and play. Offerings 3/5 and 3/19, 10am to 12pm.

Brave Women Defend: Impact Personal Safety of Colorado will offer a free self defense demonstration with Q&A March 12th 10am to 12pm.

Women's Mask Workshop: Exploring the social mask and identifying the authentic human being behind it. Learn to embody your true self. March 26th and April 2nd 10am to 1pm.  

Or email:

[email protected]

After School Acting Workshop for 

3 rd – 6 th Grade Students

Taught by Michelle Grimes

Students, have you always wanted to be an actor and perform on stage? Parents, does your child

express themselves creatively? Then, this workshop is for you! This fun and creative six-week

performance workshop will engage students through an immersive theater experience. Students

will participate in exercises to develop their creativity, build confidence,

imagination, expressiveness, teamwork, and focus.

The acting workshop will be taught and directed by local playwright, actress, and theatre

director, Michelle Grimes. Students will learn stage directions, develop performance techniques,

create costumes from home, and build their understanding of setting, character, and plot.

Students will become a cast and work as a team to rehearse an original script. The workshop will

conclude with a performance for family and friends.

Price: $225.00 (6 Weeks, twice a week)

Time and Dates: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (1.5 hours)

Classes start in Spring 

Contact Michelle Grimes at

[email protected]

for enrollment and information

Theater Workshop for Seniors

Taught by Michelle Grimes

Were you an actor in your past, or have you dreamed of performing on stage? Through this fun

creative workshop, you will explore characters and their relationships. We will write and

perform a monologue of a precious memory. Using scenes and monologues you will make

discoveries about the characters in the stories. You will learn how action and behavior shape

characterization, allowing for you to create a physical and emotional personality for your

characters. The acting workshop will be taught and directed by local playwright, actress, and

theatre director, Michelle Grimes. Use the “creative YOU” to shine on stage. The workshop will

conclude with an afternoon performance.

Price: $285.00 (6 Weeks, twice a week)

Times and Dates: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm (2 hours)

Mondays and Thursdays 

Classes start in Spring

Contact Michelle Grimes at

[email protected]

for enrollment and information

Mommy and Me Rhythm 

and Storytelling Classes

Taught by Sina Hirsch

Fridays from 10 to 11:30 am

Classes are for children between the ages of 3-5 years old, and their parents 

 $10.00/child per class. This allows for drop-ins, with no continued obligation

 $60.00/child per 8-week sessions.

Mommy and Me Rhythm and Storytelling is all about cultivating your child’s imagination and creativity. Parents and children will tell stories through music and play, while using rhythmic instruments, props, and costumes pieces. The class will not only strengthen your child’s ability to create and explore, but will also teach the fundamentals of teamwork and flexibility.

Classes start in Spring

For more information contact Sina Hirsch at

[email protected]

Early Alzheimer's Theater Workshop

Taught by Sina Hirsch

Fridays from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm

Starts Spring 2023

Improv for Teenagers

Taught by Sina Hirsch

Saturdays from 10 to 11 am



Come and audition for the only professional, teenaged Improv Troupe in the

Western Suburbs. Some Assembly Required is a professional improv troupe that

performs all over the Denver Metro and Suburbs. They specialize in short-form

improv games, and perform at a variety of events. This year they will be

performing in a dedicated space for live audiences as well.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, January 28th from 10a-11a (maybe a bit later if

we’re having fun!) 

Please contact Sina Hirsch at [email protected] to

Improv for Adults

This 8-week course will teach adults the basic acting skills for short-form Improv. Participants

will learn how to play a variety of Improv games that will encourage fast thinking and

teamwork. Improv is the quintessential theatre art form that encourages audience

participation, and actor acceptance of suggestions and actions. The format of the games

played mirrors the popular TV show “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” The course will incorporate

props and prompts to hone the participants’ skill sets. The culmination of the class will be a

one hour performance at The Wheat Ridge Theatre Company’s Black Box.

The overall benefit of this course provides the following to students:

 Teamwork

 Quick Thinking

 Flexibility

 Positive Acceptance and Reinforcement

 Presence and Presentation

 Self-Confidence

The cost for this 8-week course is $125.00 per person. 

Classes start in April

Contact [email protected] for


Directing Workshop for Theater Professionals

Taught by Selena A. Naumoff

Mondays from 7 to 9 pm

Starts April 3 2023 and runs for 8 weeks

Cost for Workshop: $210

A Theatre Director must know the design aspects of the performance and communicate their vision to designers, actors, and crew. In this 8-week course, we will explore the basics of directing for stage (not film, which uses a different skill set). Great for beginners or for experienced directors who want to brush up on their craft. This class meets once a week and will include weekly assignments to be completed at home. 

Contact Selena A. Naumoff for enrollment and information at [email protected]